L a b o r a t o r y A n i m a l C o r e F a c i l i t y



core facility leader: Tamás Rőszer, PhD


Phone: +36 52 512 900 (62335 ext.)

H-4012 Debrecen Nagyerdei krt. 98.

E-mail: roszer@indi.biochem.dote.hu



1. Mission and history

2. Applied technologies

3. Wealfare, TQM and FELASA standards

4. Our services and GMO strains

5. Our partners


1. Mission and history

The core facility was founded in 2005. The facility is located on the Debrecen University campus as a part of the Life Science Centre. Suitable housing facilities are available for a wide variety of outbred, inbred and GMO laboratory animals as mice, rats, guinea pigs and invertebrate organisms.

The Laboratory Animal Core Facility operates a clinical pathology laboratory for the purpose of basic disease surveillance and diagnosis as well as serving as a research resource to investigators. The laboratory capabilities include histology, immunocytochemsitry, clinical chemistry, chromatography, bacteriology. Special services provided by the Laboratory Animal Core Facility include surgery facilities and assistance, post-surgical care and a wide variety of technical services.


2. Applied technologies

Animals are housed separately by species and, when possible, by source and or microbiological status. All rodent colonies are housed and maintained under minimal disease (MD) or specific pathogen free (SPF) conditions. Sentinel animals are tested monthly for bacterial, viral pathogens and parasites by an independent laboratory.

All colonies are tested negative for cestodes, skin parasites, dermatophyta, Aerococcus viridans, Bordetella pneumoseptica, Citrobacter rodentium, Corynebacterium kutscheri, Enterococcus ssp., Helicobacter pylori, Mycoplasma ssp., Mycobacterium ssp., Pasteurella ssp., Pseudomonas sp., Salmonella ssp., Streptobacillus monoliformis, Staphylococcus aureus (in blood and parenchymal organs), Streptococcus ssp. (alpha and beta hemolytic forms). The cfu number of drinking water, bedding material, food and environmental air is also controled monthly by independent bacterologist.


3. Welfare, TQM and FELASA recommendations

All animal rooms and the operation rooms are ventilated with HEPA filtered air. Specialized animal housing spaces include a quarantine suite, infectious biohazard containment suites. The Laboratory Animal Core Facility is administratively responsible for all animal care resources and the purchase and care of all animals in the Life Science Centre. Our technologies see the requirements of FELASA recommendations. Our TQM is DIN EN ISO 9001.


4. Our services and GMO strains

ˇ        microsurgery

ˇ        hematogen tissue transplantation

ˇ        tumor grafting

ˇ        mouse ECG, hematology, in vitro diagnostics

ˇ        histology, histochemistry, IHC

Our actual GMO strains are listed on the following web page: www.mit.hu

For details contact us

E-mail: roszer@indi.biochem.dote.hu

Post: H-4012 Debrecen POBox 6. Hungary